Crosman Wildcat CO2 Pistol BB Kit 0.177

Crosman Wildcat CO2 Pistol BB Kit 0.177 Pricing, Specs & Information

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Crosman Wildcat pistol kit Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge Semiauto 20rd removable BB magazine Steel barrel Pink and black polymer frame Textured grips Grip panel easily removes for CO2 cartridge replacement Picatinny accessory rail for dot sight, laser or flashlight Includes 1,500 Crosman copperhead 0737 BBs, 5 CO2 12 gram cartridges, and nylon belt holster Never shoot BBs at hard objects or water. Steel BBs can ricochet and bounce back a surprising distance and with damaging force. The shooter and other people in the area should wear safety glasses when handling this gun. Remove all pets from the area to make sure BBs don't bounce back and injure them.