Air Arms S400 MPR – Poplar Stock 0.177

Air Arms S400 MPR – Poplar Stock 0.177 Pricing, Specs & Information

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S400 MPR Precision 10-meter target rifle Precharged pneumatic (PCP) Single-shot Bolt-action (not adjustable from RH side of gun) 7 joules (5.15 ft-lbs.) Highly adjustable match trigger (first-stage length, second-stage pull, move up/down, forward/back) 11mm dovetail Adjustable cheekpiece Adjustable buttpad 12-groove, nickel-plated Lothar Walther barrel Globe front sight accepts inserts Fully adjustable rear diopter sight Removable reservoir with built-in gauge (manometer) Lightweight, ambidextrous poplar stock To fill the gun, unscrew the air reservoir and attach it to the 200-bar DIN hole of a scuba tank or hand pump. The end of the reservoir has a manometer (air pressure gauge), so you’ll always know how much air is left in the tank. The correct air pressure for the MPR is 200 bar (2,900 psi).