AirForce Edge, Front Sight Only 0.177

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AirForce Edge 10-meter Sporter Class rifle Single-shot Precharged pneumatic Approved by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) for Sporter Class competition Includes globe front sight that accepts aperture inserts (includes one insert) 11mm dovetail to mount a diopter sight, scope or dot sight Lothar Walther barrel Adjustable forearm Adjustable cheekpiece Adjustable length of pull (12 to 17) Total length is 35 to 40 Bolt & cheekpiece can be moved to the opposite side for LH use Dry-fire capability for training 2-stage adjustable trigger Click on the AMMO link to find competition-grade pellets and the ACCESSORIES link to find a diopter sight, targets, pellet traps, safety glasses, hand pumps and more.