Seneca Big Bore 44 909 Light Hunter 0.45

Seneca Big Bore 44 909 Light Hunter 0.45 Pricing, Specs & Information

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Seneca Big Bore 44 909 Light Hunter air rifle Precharged pneumatic (PCP) Single-shot Rifled barrel (0.4516" to 0.4567" diameter) Bolt-action Fixed front sight Fully adjustable, removable rear sight Dual air chambers (500cc total air capacity) 3,000 psi max fill pressure Built-in manometer (pressure gauge) 11mm scope rail (use only compact scopes) 2 power levels (first bolt stop is low power, second is high) Hardwood Monte Carlo stock with checkered forearm & grip Raised right-hand cheekpiece Includes Male Quick-Disconnect Foster Fill Connection on rifle How many shots will you get from your 500cc Big Bore 44 909 Light Hunter? Our tech department filled their dual-tank air rifle to 3,000 psi, loaded it with 166-grain bullets and let loose! They shot the first 6 shots on high power. The first shot was 745 fps. Shot 6 was 713 fps. The next 12 bullets were shot on low power. Shot 7 was 683 fps, and the final shot on low power was 574 fps. That brought the tank down to 800 psi for a total of 18 shots. This shows you what one gun can do. Velocity and psi levels will vary gun to gun.