BB Guns Remembered by Tom Gaylord, Paperback


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BB Guns Remembered is a nostalgic journey to the past, seen through the eyes of little boys whose BB guns were a key part of their lives. Journey back to your youth with these boys of adventure, and let them guide you through danger, quests, hope and intrigue. The stories will sound familiar because they touch on the values of all people: young and old. As told by Tom Gaylord. The Wind Gun of Prostl is a fictional account of the invention of an airgun in the early 18th century. While the characters, places and events in the story are all made up, the gun described does exist. The author watched a modern airgun maker struggle to understand what was done in 1730 to invent and then create this marvelous airgun. Every fictional story in this book is based on an event that happened in the author’s life. But they will seem familiar to most people, because the human condition is common to all.